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Historic buildings are a prominent link to our past

Old buildings are restored and preserved for the future generations for many reasons. The simplest is the desire of a building owner to occupy a space reminiscent of earlier times.

Historically speaking, a building may deserve to be restored and protected for many other reasons, such as its extreme age relative to the geographical region in which it exists, its high artistic and aesthetic value, unique characteristics that represent a noted school of design, connections to historical events or great men of history, significance as an integral part of an historical neighborhood, etc.
An old building can undergo many facelifts, and the most historically significant period for the building may not be from the time it was built. Perhaps it was when it was occupied by an important historical figure or possibly from a period when a historical occurrence took place like a signing of a treaty. Therefore, the type of work most desired on an old building could be preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation.

Billson Construction Company has been restoring historical buildings in the Chico and Northern California area for over 18 years. We have developed a reputation as the premium restoration contractor.


Our experience in restoration is widely recognized for extreme attention to detail and valued resource for developing solutions to difficult conditions.


Many of those who own, or are responsible for, restoring and maintaining our architectural heritage understand the value of preserving an old building’s architectural character.

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Accurate estimates are given before any work is performed.  No matter how large or how small your project we let you know what the costs will be.  Every project comes with a detailed budget for material to keep you in control of expenses and upgrades.

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